"I lived in one of their buildings for 6 years and was on the board for most of that time.  Saba was always very helpful with any issues that came up. They helped our board through many difficult decisions, upkeep, and repairs.  They are always available by phone and email at a moments notice.  There were times that we thought we were being overcharged but each time we bid a service out, Saba's quote ended up being cheaper or comparable."

Scott E. Los Angeles, CA

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​Proactive Management Approach with care and attention !

"I have had the pleasure of working with Getty Azod from Saba for over 10 years.

I served twice as HOA president and was able to effectively work with Getty to manage our building's day to day operations. Getty is very knowledgeable and passionate and responsive to most requests and I would recommend SABA management for any large multi-unit operations. "

Christopher L. Los Angeles, CA

"I own various properties and every management company handles their responsibilities differently.  SABA is very responsive when it comes to documents, billing, etc. They are very good at handling payments, record keeping and following up on issues. Termeh is esp helpful for all things accounting and Dennis will do whatever it takes to help."

Ossie C. Playa del Rey, CA

"I am the president of out HOA board and have to say that Saba does a great job managing the building and are very informative about different options to help save the association time and money.  Getty has great experience with all aspects of management and gives the association great advice by explaining all options available.  They are very responsive and take all calls and requests very seriously.  Hats off to Saba!​"

David M. Beverly Hills, CA

"I am the president of our HOA and we have been with Saba management for five or six years now. We are a small building just seven units and Getty took the time to meet with us in person and explain step by step what we needed in a management company since we were all new owners at our building. We interviewed three or four companies before choosing Saba properties and although they are very experienced with much larger buildings Getty was willing to work with us within our budget. We've never had any problems with them and someone in the office always gets back to us via email the same day.  Getty knows her job and we never have to ask for anything related to managment because they always send us monthly statements and handle our tax filing and bookkeeping. I would definitely recommend them to anyone new to HOA or just looking for new management." 

Alvin R. Los Angeles, CA

"Saba is a very well run and organized property management firm in Los Angeles. 
I lived in a high end condo and was a board member for several years. 
They were very responsive to all unit owner needs, and they were very attentive to all building issues and at the same time assisted with capital improvement projects within our building.
I will hire them again if we find the need for quality property management."

C B. Los Angeles, CA

"I'm the president of our condo board.  We use Saba Property Management.  My experience with the people there has been pretty decent.  For the most important things, Saba is good at getting them problems taken care of promptly.  When we had an elevator go down on a weekend, they were able to get a repairman out in a short time.  The company does a good job at communicating with board members and responding to homeowners when there is a problem.  Accounting, getting taxes to us in a timely fashion and other issues is handled well.  Only complaint that I could possibly have is that sometimes their vendors may miss spots in cleaning, but once we note that with Saba, they get the problem resolved.  Given what Saba charges us, I feel as if they are a pretty good value for any condo board and HOA in general." 

W C. Los Angeles, CA

"I am the President of our HOA and have worked with Saba Properties for over almost 5 years now.  They have been very professional and helpful with all aspects of management of our building, including maintenance/repair to keep our building in good working order, accounting/budget to help preserve our building investment and emergency response when the unforeseeable happens.  

Much of these great experiences are the result of Saba's experience and knowledge of the industry, including deep relationships with vendors to make sure the job is done right the first time.  In fact, I believe Saba's relationships are its strongest asset evidenced by their relationship with the developer of our building which enabled us to get much needed repairs at no cost to the homeowners long after the warranty period expired.  We also avoided a costly battle with a bad tenant in our building because we had the right insurance broker/coverage and could rely on Saba's experience with dispute resolution.  

Most importantly, Saba is very proactive and responsive to our needs and has been there for us in every situation that we needed them.  In fact, I just sent Saba a lengthy punch list of HOA/building items to be addressed late Friday afternoon and all of the items were resolved the following Tuesday.  They are very proactive with making sure we maintain a healthy budget and just recently advised on prudent actions that we took to preserve our operating budget and reserves.  

I look forward to continuing our relationship with Saba Properties and highly recommend their property management services."

Curtis P. Los Angeles, CA